The Would-Be Queen

Despite the dangers of their homeland, Chrysalis and Myth, her pony, had crossed over from their world to Equus. In the distance loomed an enormous mountain, just as promised. Attached to the side of the mountain there was a city of such magnificence that it appeared to grow from the rock itself: Canterlot, the fabled city where the gods themselves dwelled.

They had been such fools to attempt the journey to Equestria. They had nearly died more times than they could count, and not all of their wounds would heal. And what was it all for? Nothing more than the vanity and childish optimism of a princess who wanted to be queen, who knew it would only be possible if she followed the same path as her mother.

But they had made it. They were alive. They may never attempt the journey home, they may never claim the throne, they may never revolutionise their homeland, but a world filled with wonders and untold magics stretched out before them. It would all be worth it.

Even as Chrysalis gazed upon Canterlot, home in the forests of her birth, her trail had finally been found.