The Moon's Appentice

Twilight Sparkle was born a Flare, a pony with far more magic than she can hope to control without decades of intensive training. Her spectacular loss of control during her entrance exam for Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns finally confirmed that fact. She was a danger to both herself and everypony around her. Only an immortal alicorn could safely teach her.

Sunset Shimmer was born a Flare decades before Twilight Sparkle. She had the incredible luck, or perhaps the terrible misfortune, to be born near the end of the millennium when Nightmare Moon would return. As Princess Celestia was no longer able to weild The Element of Magic, Sunset Shimmer was to bear it in her place.

But Sunset Shimmer disappeared.

Princess Celestia now needed a new student to bear The Element of Magic and defeat Nightmare Moon in Sunset Shimmer's place. She had less than two decades to prepare her pupil not only to bear an element, but to survive an encounter with a mad goddess long enough to claim victory. Even with all the odds stacked in her pupil's favor, success was not guaranteed. With all of Equestria at stake, Twilight Sparkle…was not the pony she needed.

Immediately after her first magical flare, Princess Celestia placed an inhibitor ring on Twilight Sparkle's horn, sealing away the vast majority of her magic. It would keep her safe at the cost of her purpose in life.

However, there were two diarchs of Equestria. Admist a lucid dream, an unbelievable offer was made.

“Hello, Twilight. Would you like to be my student?”

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