About Forthwith

Greetings, traveler from across the great plains and mountains of the internet. I am Forthwith. I have a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, and am currently pursing my PhD in Molecular Computation. Naturally, I put all that education to work as a fantasy writer.

What? It totally makes sense. I swear it does.

Okay, to be fair, science fiction elements tend to bleed into my fantasy worlds. Even in the world of high adventure, swords and sorcery, there's a place for science. There's always a place for Science. In fact, fantasy worlds offer us a chance to explore new geometries and new technologies that can't exist within our world. And really, no villain is worth their salt without at least an elementary understanding of statistics.

Well anyway, I enjoy writing. Whether it be for research papers, equations, or dialogue, I'm typing away at a keyboard most everyday. My other interests mainly including reading, competative board games and video games, tabletop rpgs, and on occasion cartoons/anime.

Contact me at forthwith.dn@gmail.com. Don't worry; I don't bite.